Starter Kit Intelligent Display 7’’ RS232/CAN


This development kit contains all equipment, the software program, as well as the necessary documentation for the creation and function programming of your 7” user interface.

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This Starter Kit includes :

  • Intelligent Display 7’’ with resistive touchscreen
  • HMI software program GraphConverter with a project example.
  • 5-point wire-to-board connector & wires (power supply and communication)
  • USB cable for the communication with your PC
  • Adapter Mini USB – USB type A
  • Quickstart Guide.
  • User manuals and technical documentation.

This Starter Kit does not include:

  • 12V power-supply unit
  • USB-RS232/CAN adapter
  • Power-supply & communication-interface box (connection between the Intelligent Display and the 12V power supply unit + the USB-RS232/CAN adapter)

Please be aware that each Strarter Kit can only be ordered once so that you can try our products. Contact us if you do wish to order more.


Power supply

The 7” version of the promotional Starter Kit is powered via a 5-point wire-to-board connector. 2 wires are used for the power supply, 3 wires are used for serial communication.


Communication interface

The Starter Kit is compatible with RS232, USB, or CAN serial communication.

The promotional Starter Kits are delivered with only a USB cable for the communication between the Intelligent Display and your PC (project simulation through a virtual COM port).

It is also possible to simulate your project from your PC via:

  • RS232 PC (symmetrical signals, V28)
  • CAN 2.0B

However, other than it is the case for the standard Starter Kits, no USB-RS232 or USB-CAN adapter, and no CAN/RS232 communication-interface box (connection between the USB-RS232/CAN adapter and the Intelligent Display) is included in the promotional Starter Kits (available as accessories).

Our standard Starter Kits contain the necessary CAN/RS232 connectivity as well as an USB-RS232 adapter.

If you work with the CAN communication protocol, we can provide you a reference for a suitable adapter.


Technical support

For the promotional Starter Kits, technical support is limited to basic & only occasional exchanges by e-mail during a maximum period of 1 month.

Our standard Starter Kits contain always full & unlimited technical support.

Should you wish to benefit from full & unlimited technical support after having purchased a Starter Kit Online, you can simply acquire a full-support ticket, corresponding to the price difference between the promotional online offer and the standard offer of the Starter Kit in the same technical configuration.

You will find more information about the different types of Starter Kits offered here.

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CAN, RS232