Everything you need to start your HMI project

The first step when starting your project is to work with a Starter Kit. This development kit contains all the equipment and software necessary for the HMI development and function programming:

  • One Clairitec HMI display module or HMI & I/O controller panel
  • Connecting cables
  • GraphConverter software program with project example
  • User manuals
  • Technical documentation

Please be aware that each Starter Kit can only be ordered once so that you can try our products. Contact us if you do wish to order more.

The Starter Kit Online is a special promotional offer, limited to:

  • Two display sizes: 4,3″ and 7″
  • Resistive touchscreen layer
  • Basic & only occasional technical support by e-mail during a maximum period of 1 month
  • Basic connection equipment (connectivity package not included)

If you wish to work with another display size, with a capacitive touchscreen, or if you wish to receive full & unlimited technical support, please get into contact with us and refer to our standard Starter Kits!

A one-time investment

The Starter Kit is a one-time investment which gives you access to the entire solution of Clairitec.

The underlying technology for all Clairitec products is the same, so if you decide to start another HMI development project with a different module or panel of Clairitec at a later point in time, you can simply work with the Starter Kit which you already have acquired.

Moreover, you can install the software program GraphConverter on as many PCs as you like: there are no limitations or subsequent fees to pay, and you will always be able to download the latest version of the program.

Please note:

The special offer “Starter Kit Online”, as sold in this shop, contains only basic & occasional technical support by e-mail during a maximum period of 1 month.

Should you wish to profit from full & unlimited technical support after having purchased a “Starter Kit Online”, you can simply acquire a “full support ticket”, corresponding to the price difference between the promotional online offer and the standard offer of the Starter Kit in the same technical configuration!

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